About Us

Positively Pat!

Pat Halloran created Positively Memphis while he was president of the Orpheum Theatre, in an effort to build awareness for all things Positive about the city he loves.

Positively Giving Back

By purchasing one of our Positively Memphis items, you are helping to support the Church Health Center and the Orpheum Theatre Group's Halloran Center, two causes we are passionate about supporting. Thank you! 

Positively Details

POSITIVELY MEMPHIS is an exciting program initially consisting of four elements, all aimed at accentuating the positive things about Memphis, and the characteristics that have contributed to making Memphis so unique.

Our primary goal is to help others recognize the positives that exist today and the things that are taking shape for the future.



The major improvements that have occurred and will occur in the city, are the subjects that will dominate this series. Positive improvements will create jobs, address the blight in certain areas and overall, the financial impact will be at the top of the list.  

Through formats such as periodic luncheons, POSITIVELY MEMPHIS will present speakers that represent business, government, social services, the arts, education and other important area of concern to the community. Challenges that all major cities are facing will be looked at as opportunities that the right leadership with a committed community can resolve.

Memphis has embraced a keen sense of development by re-purposing and restoration. Looking back to the early 1980’s, the Peabody Hotel, Beale Street and the Orpheum Theater were all saved and restored. More recently, Overton Square, Cooper Young, South Main and Broad Street are areas that have all seen tremendous growth and re-development. As the restoration and repurposing also continue, there have been many improvements. The 1928 Sears Distribution Center is now the Crosstown Concourse with 1.3 million square feet of apartments, retail stores and a major health center clinic. The Tennessee Brewery, which sat dormant and decaying for almost a century, is now an apartment complex and office space. Lastly, the Chisca Hotel has been repurposed as an apartment complex with restaurants as well. 

The announcement of the Union Row development, the almost $1 billion improvement plan, is a subject that will warrant attention. Bricks and mortar will be important, but social issues, advances in education and health care will also be addressed.

The history leading up to Union Row, the biggest project in Memphis history, has proven that Memphis is now ready for this type of thinking, commitment and action. 



POSITIVELY MEMPHIS realizes that many in our community do not or have not taken advantage of the long list of “Jewels “in the Crown of Memphis.  Unfortunately, too often we don’t take the time to round up family and friends and go out and explore some of the most important places in the country that are right at our doorsteps such as the National Civil Rights Museum, the National Ornamental Metal Museum, Stax Museum and the Rock & Soul Museum. These places present the history of the Memphis music scene, which most experts agree is the most significant & historic music center in the country.

Memphis’ two main art museums, the Brooks and the Dixon Garden & Gallery, are important for the entire regional art scene that they deserve attention.

Plans are underway to work with local commercial art galleries to attract viewers to local art and at the same time draw visitors to those commercial operations. Consideration is being given to arranging tours of local commercial art galleries for the purpose of presenting and exposing the work of Memphis’s local artists.

Some other unique places in the city’s list of attractions include the Belz Museum of Asian & Judaic Art and A. Schwab’s Variety Store on Beale.

POSITIVELY MEMPHIS is committed to working with these attractions in making visiting accessible and either free on some special days or at least subsidized on designated dates. 



POSITIVELY MEMPHIS will present a series of open forums delving into some of the most important concerns of the community. These will be different from the aforementioned Speaker’s Series in that there will be interaction between the panels and the audience. The goal of the open forums is to enlist volunteers to work toward the successful conclusions and specific needs of individual organizations.

The participants will be able to suggest additional agenda items based on their interests. Local non-profit organizations will be able discuss their needs for volunteers. It is also a productive way for those organizations to recruit members interested and willing to serve in those positions.



Universities do it!  Businesses do it! Sports teams do it! Everybody, well almost everybody, seems to think a logo draws attention to who and what they are.  It’s fun and beneficial to have a logo and a catch phrase that people will quickly recognize.

The Positively Memphis brand is ours, and will show how proud we are of our community, and that we are serious and committed. Positively Memphis offers a line of merchandise including tee shirts, baseball caps, visors and lapel pins that present the logo and vision: the call for involvement. Other products will be available soon. Retail outlets are lining up to handle the sales. Additionally, the items can be purchased here.

100% of the sales proceeds will be distributed to nonprofits in our community.  If, in the future, there are other opportunities that present with financial proceeds, such as luncheons or other events, those excess funds will also be distributed.